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Foremost EV was founded by Dave Adams, who partnered with Rory Fleck. Two guys who love the timeless beauty of classic cars and trucks, as well as modern EV technology that generates more torque and acceleration than ever imagined!  Bringing a wealth of knowledge and over 15 years of EV experience directly to Foremost EV.  We specialize with adapting technologies for a sustainable future.

Foremost’s first EV conversion was a true American classic truck, the iconic 1960 Ford F-100. We added two Hyper9 motors, generating 260hp and 692 lb-ft, and a 78kWh battery pack delivering a 200+- mile range. The classic was wrapped in pearl white with modified suspension and brakes, powdered coated chrome and much more.

Then we turned a 1964 Opal Kadett into a truly efficient “commuter” with one Hyper9 HV motor, Torque Box, and 6 Tesla modules for 31kWh with an estimated drive range of 90-120 miles.

Some of our other builds we have currently in the shop:  2008 Buick Lacrosse Super getting a healthy update with a Tesla Drive unit and Ampere Battery/Charging systems.  The goal here is to create the ultimate daily sleeper/commuter vehicle for the great state of California.  We are also working on a 1957 Buick Roadmaster Converting to electric to deliver to our customer in Hawaii.  Recently finished up a 1968 VW Bug outfitted with a Hyper 9 motor and Tesla battery modules. 

Foremost EV is based in Mesa, AZ and we will work with classic car owners anywhere in the U.S. or internationally. We welcome phone and email inquiries anytime and onsite visitors by appointment only.

People Gathering Around Foremost'S Ford F-100 Ev Conversion

Meet The Team

Dave Adams

Dave Adams

Chief Executive Officer

About Us - Foremost Ev


Chief Operations Officer

1960 Form F100 Ev
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