Performance Part Accessory Installation

Performance Part & Accessory Installation

Your car may have all the style you want but with performance parts and accessory installation, you can get so much more out of it. Foremost EV in Phoenix doesn’t just convert classics to EVs. They also add high-performance accessories to whatever car you think could go just a little faster with the right parts. And if you want to stick with the gas engine and still upgrade for the best handling and experience, they’re here to help.

High-Performance Bolt-On Parts For Any Vehicle

Bolt-on parts are easy-to-install upgrades that boost your car’s performance, improving power and handling. Top-end bolt-on parts like headers, nitrous, and cold-air intakes add to your car’s overall efficiency and speed. However, to get some real horsepower out of those cylinders, you’ll need more comprehensive work, like adding a bigger camshaft or upgraded heads.

Elevate Your Ride’s Power & Capabilities

Whether powered by gas or electricity, performance add-ons can elevate any vehicle’s capabilities. Upgrades like optimized exhaust systems, advanced tuning, suspension modifications, and aerodynamic improvements contribute to heightened speed, responsiveness, and overall driving experience for either gas or electric.

Battery optimizations, replacing heavy components with lighter ones, and regenerative braking are all EV performance enhancements that help take your electric ride to the next level.

Expert Help Saves The Day

Superchargers, blowers, and turbochargers aren’t bolt-on parts, even though they might look like it. You have to beef up the internal components, such as pistons, rods, camshafts, and more to get the most out of them. Our experts can help you get your performance add-ons done right the first time, which can make your beloved car safer and more efficient in the long run. We know what your car needs to put in the performance upgrades you want.

Auto Performance Is Where It’s At

Foremost EV works with you to determine which package is best for you, depending on your vehicle and your expectations for performance. Some of the most popular performance upgrades can be mixed and matched to suit your auto performance needs.

  • Brake Upgrades
  • Suspension Lowering & Upgrade
  • High-Performance Tires
  • Upgrade To Power Or Performance Steering
  • Short-Throw Shifters

Upgrade Your Car’s Performance With Expert Help

Whether you seek enhanced horsepower, superior handling, or an adrenaline-infused driving adventure, we are dedicated to turning your vision into reality. Trust Foremost EV in Phoenix, Arizona to give a fresh boost to your vehicle with quality performance parts and accessory installation. Upgrading your performance and taking your beloved car to new heights of handling and power.

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