Convert Your Classic To Electric

Should You Convert Your Classic To Electric?

The term “restomod” refers to restoring and modifying vintage vehicles into electric-powered machines. From powertrains to chassis components, adapting muscle cars for EV modifications takes experience, know-how, and a lot of love. Foremost EV has the expertise, love, and flexible conversion packages to add life to your classic late-model car or truck.

What Is An EV Conversion?

At its essence, an EV conversion enables you to make your vehicle a version of itself that includes modern comforts without compromising on style or nostalgia. Going from gas to electric involves replacing the engine and related components with an electric motor, EV battery pack, and other electrical parts. This process allows car enthusiasts to update their classic vehicles to get improved performance without losing the charm and character of the original.

Classics Benefit From EV Restomods

Electric motors provide better acceleration because they produce torque on demand. Sports cars and muscle cars designed for performance can run even better with EV components. Along with retrofitting electrical power systems, our team may add a computer-controlled fuel injection system or updated suspension system, to improve the benefits that you see.

  • Low upkeep: EVs have less wear and tear so maintenance is easier.
  • Quiet operation: Preserve peace and quiet in your neighborhood while keeping the aesthetic charm of your classic.
  • Continued reliability: EVs have fewer parts to break down, which equals longer life.

Preserving & Improving History

You can preserve the classic design and history of your car or truck while making significant improvements. Help show other sports and muscle car owners that the essence of the vehicle isn’t about the roar of 8 cylinders. It’s in the allure of sleek lines and unforgettable bodywork. Modification done correctly doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Safety Without Sacrificing Style

By modernizing a classic car with electric components, enthusiasts can embrace cutting-edge safety features without compromising its timeless aesthetics and charm. When you convert to an electric drivetrain, you eliminate the risk of fuel-related fires, making the vehicle safer right from the start. You can also choose a conversion package that includes advanced safety features which contribute to safer driving experiences.

  • Regenerative Braking
  • Modern Suspension
  • Improved Traction
  • Electric Power Steering
  • GPS Tracking

Let A Professional Handle Your Gas to Electric Conversion

Hiring gas-to-EV experts is the best way to maintain safety and performance. You can trust the innovative mechanics at Foremost EV to handle your internal combustion engine to EV conversion with the utmost care and precision. Contact us today to get started! Our reputable professionals back up their workmanship with warranties on parts and labor. We offer support in terms of repairs and maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle.

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