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At Foremost EV, we love to convert classic cars and trucks into electric vehicles providing the user with a powerful, reliable vehicle that is one of a kind, just like when it rolled off the assembly line.

Our goal is to preserve the design you love while enhancing the technology. A lot goes into our conversions, and we want to answer the most frequently asked questions we get.

Don’t see the question you have? No problem. Send a message or call us, and we will answer any questions you may have. You can also check out our EV conversions resources for additional information on converting from gas to electric.

The price range is from $65,000 up, depending on the battery pack, charging capability, desired range, speed capabilities, and additional work done to your car.  

While we specialize in vehicles form 1975 and older, we’re open to almost any project. Contact us with your make, model and year and we’ll outline what our EV conversion shop can offer.

Foremost warranties conversion work for one-year.  The parts manufacturers are responsible for their respective warranties.

We are targeting 4-6 weeks for most small to medium sized vehicles, without additional work done to the vehicle.

It depends on the battery size, however, if it’s a 50 kWh or smaller battery, then it’s typically eight hours or less on a level 2 charger.  

This depends on the battery size, vehicle and other parameters; however, we target at least 100 miles on small “commuter” vehicles and can go much further on demand.

The value will escalate, so yes, you will want to increase the level of coverage.

Our technicians are EV Certified Technicians.

1960 Ford F-100 truck and 1964 Opal Kadett. See our projects page for more.

Yes. In fact, many conversions require upgrades to suspension. We’ll also make sure your braking system meets the needs associated with safety, battery placement, torque and weight.

We have several shops in the area who will do the work for you and will coordinate the work with your project. 

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