Back end of a custom Ford F-100 EV conversion

What Custom EV Conversions Offer Factory EVs Can’t

There are many reasons to bypass owning a modern cookie-cutter car model by having an electric car conversion performed on an older vehicle with Foremost EV’s help. Sure, it’s easy to go to a showroom and buy a brand-new electric car from Chevy, Tesla, Nissan, and others in the electric vehicle business. But a custom-converted EV stands out from the crowd.

Keep The Personality Of Your Classic Car

Many owners have gotten connected to their classic auto and have a sense of nostalgia when they crank up that powerful motor. What is on the market now is sleek, but it doesn’t have the same beauty and look as a classic car. Converting your classic to electric power can be an affordable way to join the world’s efforts to “go green” while maintaining the true feel and sound of a hot rod or classic muscle car.

Give an Old Car New Life for the Planet’s Sake

We breathe new life into models that might otherwise end up in a landfill. With modern tools and custom technology, electric vehicle conversion often simply requires a few main components, including an electric motor, batteries, a motor inverter, and a charger. Our goal when creating an all-electric vehicle is to build each project on spec to suit the buyer’s needs and wants.

Converting Can Simplify Upkeep

An EV requires less maintenance in the long run, as they don’t have as many different fluids to be refilled and replaced, and the wear on the components is less. Home charging can have your vehicle ready to go at a moment’s notice and the switch away from a gas-burning powertrain greatly reduces the quantity/frequency of what may go wrong under the hood.

DIY Won’t Give You Everything You Want

While there are kits that are prefabricated to convert a range of the most popular classic cars and luxury autos, there’s no job that can top the results of a custom order. Car enthusiasts who want the most authentic restoration when converting their vehicle to electric will want pros on the job—especially owners who want choices.

Custom Conversion Gives You Options

You can still enjoy fast acceleration and high torque and even adjust the power to get longer mileage from each charge. New EV-ready cars have a lot of battery-draining features that some owners might not want—many of which come standard with new models on the electric vehicle market. With a custom modification, owners have complete say over key features.

  • Choosing A Motor Or Engine
  • Car Design & Specs
  • Battery Options
  • Charger Compatibility
  • Controller Options

Trust Us To Convert Your Favorite Ride

If we can’t find your parts or convert what you have, our skilled team members can build it. Contact Foremost EV today to discuss your goals and receive an estimate on our services. We offer custom EV conversion services for car and truck owners across the Phoenix and Mesa region in Arizona.

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