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6 Reasons To Convert Your Classic Car To Electric

As it turns out, there are plenty of great reasons to convert a vehicle to electric, and Foremost EV can help you do it. With electric vehicles charging headlong into the mainstream, it’s no wonder avid car collectors are looking to EV conversion to breathe new life into their classic cars and trucks. There are more benefits than just being ahead of the curve, though.

  1. Enjoy an impressive performance boost!
  2. Maintenance is easier.
  3. Sustainable energy perspective.
  4. Bring new life to a classic full of memories.
  5. Invest in making your classic non-gasoline dependent.
  6. EV transition of classics is efficient.

1. enjoy an impressive performance boost!

Even the hottest of muscle cars don’t stand a chance against the fastest electric vehicles off the block. That’s because electric motors deliver instant EV torque for far more get-up-and-go than you could get from nearly any gasoline engine. The merging EV technologies are amazing, such as  regenerative braking and more.

2. Maintenance is easier

No more replacing parts associated with the internal combustion engine, or hassling with fluid drips and oil changes.  When compared to a traditional gas engine, the batteries and traction motor in your EV conversion require very little maintenance, because there aren’t nearly as many moving parts. For example, EVs typically cost about $0.05 per mile vs. $0.17 per mile for internal combustion engine vehicles.

3. “Sustainable” energy perspective

Our perspective is the restoration of classic cars and trucks through innovative EV technologies will positively impact your driving experience long-term, while eliminating carbon emissions from the vehicle.  There’s also something rewarding about not having to depend on the gas station for travel– albeit that leads to the current battery charging situation. As battery charging technologies and the number of public charging stations increase, the reality of depending on such stations for longer trips won’t be a problem. It’s worth noting the recent ‘Tesla expansion of their charging stations’ to non-Tesla drivers is encouraging to see. The bottom line is you can charge your car overnight and have the battery charge required to run your classic for most uses the next day.

In addition to the “sustainability” factor, many HOV lanes, such as in the Phoenix region, allow EVs 24/7 lane access, which can make the daily commute a lot easier!

4. bring new life to a classic full of memories

Converting to electric can give your classic car or classic truck a new lease on life, literally, meaning you can enjoy it for years to come. Restomodding your beloved classic car means that you can have the efficiency and ease of an electric vehicle without sacrificing the unique design of your favorite car.

5. invest in making your classic non-gasoline dependent

For those of us who grew up with muscle cars and waited in long gasoline lines, or pay attention to the political climate, recognize the value of making your classic non-gasoline dependent.  Nobody knows what will happen on this point as more countries and even states are mandating or proposing bans on non-electric vehicle sales as early as 2025. The point here is that by converting your classic ride over to EV power sooner– you will be in the front of the line so to speak. The line of course to electric vehicles was first formed 100 years ago when EVs were first introduced.

6. EV Transition oF Classics is Efficient

Classic cars and trucks built without complicated electronic components offer easier conversions than newer automobiles. Foremost converts both manual and automatic transmission classics.

How to get Started

If you’re in the Phoenix, AZ region or visiting, stop by the shop, call or email.  We can work with classic car enthusiasts anywhere in the world to convert the classic American muscle car, roadster, truck, and more.

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