The Right Classic Car For Your EV Conversion

Choosing The Right Classic Car For Your EV Conversion

What kind of classic car is best suited for a gas-to-electric conversion? While there are many things to consider when planning to convert to an electric vehicle, when you work with a bespoke business like Foremost EV, you don’t have to get bogged down by the fine details of your conversion. You can focus on choosing a vehicle that you will find pride and joy in piloting.

Start With The Ride You Want To Be Driving

The whole point of converting a classic car to an electric is to celebrate the automotive design that you love. So think about the muscle car, pickup, or sports car that you always dreamed of owning and turn it into a ride you can drive for the next decade. Cars like a 1950s Ford Thunderbird make people’s heads turn when you pass by and are instantly recognizable, so why not convert it to electric so that you can keep it running without the hassle of maintenance?

Nostalgia & Sentimentality Matter

From your granddad’s beloved 1950 3100 Chevy Pickup to the styling 1980 Toyota Celica, any type of vehicle can receive an EV conversion which can make it difficult to choose. Converting a beloved car into an EV can add years of daily usability to it and keep those memories alive so that you can share them with the next generation.

Look For A Lightweight Frame To Optimize Performance

The battery assembly and electric motors needed for your conversion are generally heavier than the old gas engine. In order to extend your driving range, a smaller lightweight car will help to make the most of the power produced by the EV. If you happen to own a classic ride with an aluminum frame like the 1990 Acura NSX or a 97 Mercedes-Benz SL, they are primed for a rewarding EV project.

Understand What You Will Gain In Your EV Conversion

Keeping a classic car like a 1960s Opel Kadett fun to drive is what every car enthusiast wants. When you convert to an electric vehicle you can enjoy more time on the road in your vintage ride since you don’t have to worry about changing the oil ever again. You can also upgrade your new EV with the kind of modern conveniences that they could only dream about in the past.

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing
  • Infotainment System
  • Charging Pads & USB Ports
  • Power Seats & Windows

Call Us For Inspiration & Support

Do you have a vision of pulling into the office lot with a timeless Ford Thunderbird or a fun split-window Volkswagen Beetle as your daily driver? At Foremost EV, we want to work with you to embrace your EV vision of having the kind of car you dreamed of as a little kid without all the hassle. Give us a click, call, or text to start the process today.

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