Classic Car Enthusiasts Prefer Electric Conversion

Why Classic Car Enthusiasts Prefer Electric Conversions

More and more mechanics and weekend hobbyists have started transforming their vintage cars into electric vehicles. There are now millions of electric vehicles on US roadways, with major car companies investing billions in EV development. It seems like the way of the future.

Electrify Your Classic For New Thrills

In one survey of 25,000 classic car enthusiasts, about 25% of respondents supported hybrid or full EV conversions. Some of them even talked about why they support electric conversions

  • EVs offer faster acceleration and better performance.
  • They can work on a fun, challenging project.
  • Many believe that this is the answer to their concerns about emissions.
  • They get to be the first in on a new trend.

Feeding The Need For Speed

Many classic cars were fast compared to other vehicles from the same era but struggle to match the speed of modern vehicles. Converting your hot rod to an electric vehicle can help you close the gap since electric motors convert over 85%  of their energy to mechanical energy. In other words, speed.

Modern Conveniences & Classic Good Looks

Classic car enthusiasts love the look of a vintage car just as much as they love getting the most performance. Classic vehicles have a unique personality and history to them that many people want to preserve and even future-proof. Converting a classic car to an electric one keeps your beloved vehicle running at its peak for longer.

We Revive Classics With Electric Makeovers

Classic cars all have internal combustion engines that run on gas. To complete a full conversion, you have to remove the engine and battery and add an electric motor, instrumentation, and high-voltage cables. This process is easier with lighter vehicle bodies, like many classic cars, which lets you get even more performance out of your converted vehicle.

The Basics Of Revamping Your Ride To Be All Electric

Due to the expense, knowledge, and time needed to complete the conversion, it’s important to do your research and consult with the experts at Foremost EV to ensure safe operations and avoid costly mistakes. A gas-to-electric conversion for a classic car involves several important steps that can’t be skipped.

  • Choosing A Suitable Electric Battery & Motor
  • Modifying The Car’s Systems
  • Installing New Components To Support Electric Operations
  • Ensuring The Chassis Can Handle The Added Weight
  • Testing & Tweaking Until It’s Road-Ready

Get Expert Help With Your EV Restomod

At Foremost EV, we offer restomodding services designed to preserve the aesthetic of your classic car while bringing it up to speed with the capability to run on electricity. Contact us today to get started on your EV conversion. Our shop in Phoenix, AZ will be happy to help you get the classic EV conversion of your dreams.

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